A Well Managed Diversified Company

Sarasota Trailers is a division of Built Right Industries which
was incorporated in 1989. It was the innovation of our existing President Murray Golledge, who saw the need for new manufacturing designs for the utility industry and set about to create them and take them to the market. 

Builtright Industries has successfully developed fiberglass products for companies throughout Canada including Canarm Inc., Canadian Military, Spar Aerospace, Canadian General Electric, Westinghouse Inc., Ontario Hydro, Lumonics Inc., Altec Industries, Wajax Industries, Nova Scotia Power, Bell Canada, Dupont Canada, Encon Safety Products, Canadian Hydro Components, PK Welding and Fabrication, and Omya (Canada) Inc.

Over the years we have developed and acquired several diversified product lines such as Post Impressions and Eze-float Outdoor Adventure Products. We now operate a manufacturing facility of 10,000 square feet in a rural location in Eastern Ontario.

"Each product is personally overseen by us to meet our tough quality standards"

Associate Divisions of Built Right Utilities Bodies Ltd.


Please call for information or to place an order 1-888-735-6505.
For immediate assistance, please call our Corporate Office at
or info@sarasotatrailers.com

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